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Lean Enterprise is a business system that spans all internal and external functions, resources and processes to produce goods and/or services with higher quality, fewer resources and less waste, which create real value for customers. While the origins of Lean can be traced back to Henry Ford, the Toyota Production System (TPS) and others, contemporary Lean principles were popularized by Jim Womack & Dan Jones' books The Machine That Changed the World in 1990 and Lean Thinking in 1996. Although Lean principles were primarily initially adopted by manufacturers, Lean Enterprise is applicable to any industry, product or service and has been successfully implemented in diverse businesses such as healthcare and automotive service centers. A recent development is the convergence of Lean and Green initiatives -- companies use Lean principles and practices to reduce waste for economic advantage while green proponents want to reduce waste to lessen the environmental impact.
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Associations & Education
APICS International association for operations management
Lean Enterprise Academy Dan Jones' organization for publications, workshops, training on Lean
Lean Enterprise Institute Jim Womack's organization for resources, training, workshops on Lean
Lean Global Network Independent affiliates provide Lean information & knowledge throughout the world
Research & Industry Analysts
Aberdeen Fact-based research and insights focused on the global, technology-driven value chain
AMR Research Comprehensive research and advisory services for Business and IT executives
ARC Advisory Group Research and advisory firm for manufacturing, energy, and supply chain solutions
Gartner Broad coverage analyst firm provides technology-related insight for clients to make better decisions
Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) Cardiff University Business School's Lean research center
Resources News & Blogs
Lean Manufacturing Knowledge Center Lean Manufacturing news, products & resources
Lean Six Sigma Business Exchange news, blogs and resources
NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership Lean resources from U.S. Department of Commerce
Superfactory Resources for lean manufacturing and lean enterprise excellence
Publications & Newsletters
Lean Accounting News Monthly newsletter on Lean Accounting topics
Lean and Green News Special interest stories, case studies, interviews, book reviews and more
LeanBlog Blog about Lean on many topics from several contributors
Lean Directions Monthly e-newsletter focused on Lean manufacturing
Lean/Six Sigma Lean and Six Sigma news, case studies & articles from Industry Week
Recommended Reading
Creating a Lean Culture Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions
Lean For Dummies Practical introduction to the concepts, philosophy and approach for introducing Lean
Lean Six Sigma for Service How to Use Lean Speed & Six Sigma Quality to Improve Services & Transactions
Lean Solutions How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth Together
Lean Thinking Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation (revised and updated)
The Complete Lean Enterprise Value Stream Mapping for Administrative and Office Processes
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean Lessons from the Road
The Lean Business Management System Lean Accounting Principles & Practices Toolkit
The Machine That Changed the World Toyota's Secret Weapon That Is Now Revolutionizing World Industry