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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is increasingly becoming a mandate and/or business practice necessity in many companies. Governance is primarily the responsibility of senior executives to ensure that everyone in the company follows defined business processes and policies to support organizational transparency. Risk Management identifies potential business risks, sets relevant tolerances, and establishes controls to monitor and mitigate risk. Compliance ensures that a company knows which legislative and industry regulatory mandates it must observe, establishes requisite compliance within business processes, records and reports on compliance with those mandates. GRC initiatives coordinate and integrate multiple business processes and organizational areas into one coherent program. Software applications to manage GRC provide an effective means to accomplish what could otherwise be an expensive and daunting overhead for companies.
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Associations & Education
Enterprise Risk Management Institute International (ERM-II) Non-profit ERM education & research
Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Financial risk management not-for-profit association
GRC Group Education & resources for governance, risk management, and compliance initiatives
Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) Framework & best practice model for GRC programs
Professional Risk Manager's International Association (PRMIA) Network of risk professionals
Research & Industry Analysts
Aberdeen Fact-based research and insights focused on the global, technology-driven value chain
AMR Research Comprehensive research and advisory services for Business and IT executives
Forrester Independent research provides pragmatic & forward-thinking advice to business & technology leaders
Gartner Broad coverage analyst firm provides technology-related insight for clients to make better decisions
IDC Research & market data for making fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy
Ventana Research Research and advisory services to help companies manage and optimize performance
Resources News & Blogs
Center for Corporate Governance Resources, news, commentary from Deloitte LLP
ComplianceHome Independent corporate compliance resource for government regulations information
FierceSarbox Source for actionable information on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Roundtable GRC open standards community
GRC Expert Independent online knowledgebase for SAP systems governance, risk, and compliance activities
Publications & Newsletters
Compliance Week Weekly newsletter, monthly magazine and other information on GRC
CSO magazine Magazine & newsletters on business & IT security and risk management
GRC Journal Quarterly journal and online portal for Governance, Risk & Compliance
Recommended Reading
Beyond Compliance 10 Practical Actions on Regulation, Risk and IT Management
Compliance Management for Public, Private, or Non-Profit Organizations Michael G. Silverman
Corporate Governance and Risk A Systems Approach
Information Nation Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance
Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off How Leading Companies Implement Risk Management
Manager's Guide to Compliance SOX COSO COBIT IFRS BASEL-II OMB's A-123 ASX-10 OECD Turnbull etc,
SAP GRC For Dummies Best practices for successful GRC implementation & conducting global trade
Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management For ERM implementers & practitioners
The Essentials of Risk Management How to construct a superior risk management program